We are very pleased to announce that just before Valentine’s Day this year we will open a new branch in Fulham. It will be a cute and cosy place with a slightly different vibe than the atmosphere in our main branch in Central. You’ll find what we mean during your first visit there. We are hoping that you’ll enjoy the changes and improvements.

The Fulham Road branch will be a welcoming place suitable both for family and friends gatherings. It will be the perfect place to go to on your day off, enjoy a delish dessert and post a cool photo on your Instagram. Besides, you will be able to enjoy several new additions to our menu which were inspired by the style and the vibe in Fulham.

We still do not have a fixed date for our grand opening, but stay tuned for more. You can also follow us on our social media accounts if you want to be the first one to hear about our new branch and the special events coming up soon.

We’ll keep you posted!