Fulham Branch – New Offerings

This week we celebrate 3 months since the opening of our new branch in Fulham. Since our first day in this lovely neighborhood we made it our mission to discover what our customers seek and need the most (apart from the delicious molten chocolate soufflé, of course), so we decided to add some spectacular new items to our menu.

We are proud to present our new So Soufflé Café specials:

  • Smoothies – Acai Berries, Mango & Avocado, Cacao & Almond and Greens & Pineapple. All of the smoothies can be customised in order to meet the preferences of our customers, who can now choose the smoothie base and can always add an extra shot of espresso to the Cacao & Almond. *We recommend this smoothie especially if you’re looking for a refreshing energy booster.
  • Sundaes – we have a classic range of ice creams – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Hazelnut, and a #SoRich menu of toppings to choose from. Besides, our customers can also choose the Create Your Own Delight, which can fully customised.
  • Milkshakes – we have added new milkshakes to our menu – Oreo and Ferrero Rocher. *The Oreo is a kids favorite!

Soon we will also introduce our Fresh & Healthy range of salads and Iced Drinks.

Stay in touch! We will be posting more details soon…

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